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YOUR COLLABORATIVE CFO is a service whereby Chaffins, Batdorf & Austell, LLC becomes your company’s Chief Financial Officer.  As such, we fill a key role most closely-held businesses are unable to enjoy due to financial and other constraints.  We currently have several clients utilizing YOUR COLLABORATIVE CFO.  YOUR COLLABORTIVE CFO clients have enjoyed the consistency that CBA can bring to their internal accounting function.

How it works: Your Company’s accounting function can benefit by the use of technology as never before.  Our team of highly trained professionals works remotely to provide seamless integration with your office.  We currently provide services for several companies who have seen first-hand the benefit and hassle-free approach to the accounting function.  Through a secure login to your company’s computer system or using other software options, it is as though we are sitting in your office.  CBA can handle all of your accounting needs from bill paying, invoicing, cash management and payroll or take a more collaborate approach where some functions are handled by your staff and Chaffins, Batdorf & Austell fills-in at a higher level.

Security:  CBA is as concerned about security as you.  By using Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection to your system, or utilizing software programs such as LogMeIn, PC Anywhere or Quickbooks Online, no information is being transferred over the internet.  Your data resides and stays in your office where you have total control.  Should you choose CBA to pay your bills, you are protected by a fiduciary bond we hold on all employees.

There are several benefits your company will gain from this service.  Below are some highlights:

  • Knowing that the accounting function is handled properly frees you to concentrate on the revenue producing aspects of your business
  • By utilizing YOUR COLLABORTIVE CFO you stay in control of your company’s financial position and therefore better able to make fast paced decisions.
  • We will develop and deliver a dashboard to assist you in staying on top of key areas of your business, highlighting key points in your financial statements.
  •  You have comfort that your company’s financial statements are accurate and can be relied upon to make better financial decisions.
  •  Your financial information will be always current and accessible.
  • There is no more guess work in tax planning therefore no sudden surprises at tax time.
  • CBA brings consistency to your accounting function through the use of proven processes and procedures.
  • You no longer need to worry about hiring or staffing issues interfering with the financial aspects of your company.  Also, in today’s environment, you reduce your vulnerability to a dishonest employee intimately knowing the banking and financial information of your company.
  • Your accounting function will no longer be dependent on one person.  Our team members will be cross trained on your account eliminating the worry of someone quitting, being on vacation or being ill.
  • CBA acting as YOUR COLLABORATIVE CFO means that you bring over 35 years of financial expertise to your company to help you plan for your future success.

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